"Acquire knowledge patiently,
teach others unceasingly."

From April 2002 to August 2007, I taught undergraduate courses within the Computer Science department at California State University,Los Angeles. After the first four quarters that I taught, the students of the Computer Science department voted me Professor of the Year in 2003 for the department, an award that had never been won by a part-time instructor in the history of the School of Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology.

The classes that I taught at Cal State LA include Introduction to Web Site Design (CS120), Using Relational Databases and SQL (CS122), Introduction to Programming (CS201), Introduction to OO Programming and GUIs (CS202), Data Structures (CS203), C Programming (CS242), Computer Ethics (CS301), Algorithm Design and Analysis (CS312), Web and Internet Programming (CS320), Introduction to Automata Theory (CS386), Enterprise Web Architectures (CS420), Java for C++ Programmers (CS454), Compilers (CS488), and Undergraduate Computer Science Recapitulation (CS490). I have also led a team of students in a directed research to design and implement a compiler project to be used as the basis for the programs written in the undergraduate compiler class. I authored the Enterprise Architecture course originally as a special topics course, but it was adopted as CS420, covering topics such as RMI, CORBA, Web Services, and different MVC architectures including Spring and Struts.

On a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being "excellent" and 5 being "poor", since I began in April 2002, my overall course evaluations from the students is an average of 1.3. The average overall course evaluation for the department of Computer Science is 2.5. To learn more about the classes I've taught at Cal State LA, see my Cal State LA website.

In Fall 2005, I taught an algorithms class (CET 375) in the Computer Engineering Technology department at Devry University, and a networking and college algebra class at ITT.

In Fall 2007, I accepted a position as an Assistant Professor of Computer Systems Engineering at the University of Alaska, Anchorage, where I have authored and taught numerous courses, including Introduction to C Programming for Engineers (CSE205), Object-Oriented C++ Programming for Engineers (CSE215), Digital Circuits Design (CSE342), Computer Networking for Engineers (CSE355), Design of Computer Engineering Systems (CSE438), VLSI Circuit Design (CSE442), and Elements of Electrical Engineering (ES309). You can see more about these classes on my UAA website.

Since December 2009, I have also been teaching online courses for the American Public University System and the American Military University System. I have taught Application Development (ENTD411), Systems Engineering (ENTD412), Enterprise Development using C# (ENTD463), Enterprise Development using J2EE (ENTD481), Relational Database Concepts (INFO221), and Local Area Network Technologies (ISSC340). The majority of the students are current or former military, and they are located around the world.